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Texas Handgun Training

THT offers a variety of firearms training classes including the Texas Concealed Handgun License Class, NRA Basic firearms classes, as well as specallized firearms classes.  THT classes range from basic skills courses for people with little or no shooting experience, to more advanced self-defense oriented classes.

Training should be fun and educational


Recognized by 32 States!

Texans with CHL's enjoy the ability to carry self-defense handguns in 32 different states. Be sure to educate yourself on the laws of states you plan to visit. Many are quite different from Texas.

When traveling to another state, it is a good idea to print the reciprocity agreement signed by their state official.  CLICK HERE for the DPS list.


TexasCHLforum - Your Community

The TexasCHLforum.com is Texas' premier information sourse and discussion forum for anything related to firearms, shooting, and especially CHL issues. Founded in December, 2004, it has become the go-to resource due to the friendly community atmosphere where issues can be discussed and opinions offered without the profanity and personal attacks that plague many other sites. Have a Look!

Getting a CHL: Three Steps

1.  Apply online with Texas Dept. of Public Safety
2.  Get digital fingerprints with L-1
3.  Take a CHL Class at Texas Handgun Training

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CHL Eligibility

Texas is a "shall issue" State meaning that any person who meets the statutory eligibility requirements must be issued a Texas Concealed Handgun License.

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CHL Class Fees

Class Fee:  $95  Group discounts are available for groups of 6 or more.*

*NOTE:  Class fees not include the DPS license fee.


Upcoming Texas CHL Classes

First Saturday each Month:  1:00pm - 6:00pm           Class Description
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Upcoming Handgun Skills Series Classes

TBA                    Description
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Beyond the CHL

Every eligible Texan should get a CHL. However, putting the license in your wallet should be the beginning, not the end goal.

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I make a living as an attorney, but I've also been a firearms instructor for over 35 years for at least two reasons.  First, I enjoy teaching and secondly, I believe that responsible firearms ownership demands proper training.  Whether shooting for sporting purposes or for self-defense, every gun owner owes it to themself and to their loved ones to do so properly, safely and proficiently.  This is even more important when we have spouses, children or grandchildren who depend upon our ability with firearms, whether for instructional purposes or to defend their lives should the need arise.

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cotton-smallRest easy, I'm not about to get into this Ford v. Chevy argument -- well, at least not with both feet anyway.   I do want to make an observation from my CHL classes and I hope it will make some of the guys out there reconsider the theory that "the little lady needs a little gun."  Of all the students I've taught, only four failed to pass the shooting portion of the CHL class on the first attempt.  In every case, the gun was the problem; i.e. it was too small and kicked like a mule! All four of the women passed on the second attempt using a larger gun. 

In one extreme case, a tiny lady in her 80's was shooting a compact 9mm semi-auto and it was pounding her so badly she was flinching horribly everytime she pulled the trigger.  Who could blame her?  Every shot was painful and firing 50 rounds was torture.  I let her shoot a full size Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm and she went from a score of 129 to 219 using a gun she had never fired!  I'm pretty sure her husband bought her an M&P the next day.  The other three women used one of my government model 1911's in .45ACP and passed with ease. 

Read more: Big Gun or Little Gun?

cotton-smallOver the years, I have had a number of people ask if I shoot for sport or to train for self-defense.  At first I thought that was an unusual question but after having it asked a number of times, I came to realize that a lot of folks who either don't own guns, or don't use the guns they own, tend to think it as an "either or" situation.  I enjoy shooting as a sport and this has a direct impact on the amount of time and ammo I spend at the range. However, the highest and best use of a gun is to preserve innocent life, so this aspect of gun ownership must be taken seriously. 

Recognizing and appreciating the self-defense uses of firearms doesn't mean you can't have fun or that you can't engage in informal "plinking."  There's an old saying that all trigger time is good and it's true, but only if you aren't practicing bad habits or those that will get you killed.  I have known some people, including instructors, who feel that you need to wipe the smile off your face when you enter a shooting range because this is serious business

Read more: Training: Sport or Self-Defense?

Required Equipment

Equipment required for CHL classes:

1)  A handgun of at least .32 cal; revolver or semi-automatic is fine;

2)  At least 50 rds of ammo;  (It is recommend to bring 100 rds in case your gun gives you trouble or is you have to re-shoot)

3)  Eye and ear protection;

4)  A cap or visor both to shade your eyes and lessen the already remote chance of getting brass behind your protective glasses;

5)  A holster, "gun rug,"  gun case, or something to keep your pistol in when moving to the firing lines on the range.

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